CEO Message/Management Principles

CEO Message
To date, RASIS Software Service Co., Ltd. has been providing various software products which were Japan’s and the industry's to the market as the IT service company. I truly realize the brilliant future that I dreamed of when I was a child is almost here and I now have further deal of hope for the future system solutions, product development, cloud computing and internet services. In the software technology industry where the dream of the next generation increasingly expands, together with customers, I will walk boldly toward the 21st century with all our dreams.

Management Principles

We win customer satisfaction and trust, fulfill our responsibilities, contribute to the society and aim for everyone’s happy life and the business development.

1 Contribute to the creation of comfortable and abundant society through software
We provide our customers advanced technology and services, win a great deal of satisfaction and trust, and contribute to the creation of the comfortable and abundant society.
2 Challenge the limitless possibility of software
We always innovate technologies, develop excellent software and aim for the creation of our wonderful future and the company development.
3 Aim to make a company which provides meaningful jobs and happy lives
We carry out our work with full of pride and enthusiasm, build the company providing meaningful jobs and aim at happiness of each employee and their enriched lives.

Action Principle

Do It Now
Common practice should be implemented like common practice.
Be Specific, Be More Specific.

Act Aggressively
Looking at it only does not mean that you’ve done it.
Hearing it only does not mean that you’ve done it.
Thinking about it only does not mean that you’ve done it.
What you’ve done is what you’ve done.

Quality Policy

We always listen to the voice of our customers,
and offer the high-quality services exceeding their expectations.

Basic Policy

RASIS Software Service Co., Ltd. aims at the social contribution, the rich life of our clients and staff and the indissoluble development of the business. In addition, we improve our technological level, bring up technical experts with more advanced technology and ability and become a proposal-type software manufacturer with combination of the technical capabilities, the planning and product development abilities. We achieve differentiation of our technology, products and services and deploy the strategy of being Japan's and industry’s first and distinctive. Furthermore, we attempt to strengthen our capital base and improve RASIS brand name recognition.