Company History

March 1989Established with a capital of 7,000,000 yen
Rapid growth mainly in general purpose computerized asset management system
May 1989Became a member of The Ministry of International Trade and Industry, High Technology Software Development Association
March 1991Increased in capital stock to 15,000,000 yen
July 1992Established RASIS Pro Ltd.
June 1994Started video CD production services
November 1998Increased the capital to 25,000,000 yen
July 1999Founded the research and development company, Ray Shell Ltd.
Set up an academic-industrial alliance laboratory in Ryukoku University
December 1999Moved the head office to the current address
June 2000Moved Ray Shell to Keihanna Plaza in Kyoto
January 2001Increased the capital to 35,000,000 yen
April 2003Increased the capital to 45,000,000 yen
January 2006Obtained a license for general worker dispatching business
June 2006Increased capital to 54,000,000 yen
RASIS Pro merged Ray Shell
July 2006Took out a privacy mark
July 2007Increased the capital to 70,000,000 yen
August 2008Renewed the unification qualification of all ministries and agencies

Product Introduction

Sales YearProduct Name
July 1992Amateur radio, WORLD LOG
June 1995Masahiro Kuramoto the Essence of Super Golf
Community introductory course in sign language, I Love Sign
December 1995Hybrid CD, Snow Board Beginner’s Edition
How to Cut Fish coached by a Tsukiji professional
June 1997Amateur radio・Award CD-ROM
January 1998Basic of 3D-CG Art by Masaharu Higashizawa
February 2000Sign Language Learning Dictionary [supervision of Japanese Federation of the Deaf〕
October 2000Dr. Refresh
February 2001The world of Gillock ~his life and work
April 2001The First Sign Language [supervision of Japanese Federation of the Deaf]
March 200380 Year’s History of Japan Tennis Association [Japan Tennis Association]
May 2004Practice! Dance of Mind and Body Original Dance Lesson
Practice Edition Physical Workouts for Tennis [Japan Tennis Association]
January 2005Conditioning for Tennis [Japan Tennis Association]
December 2005DVD series of school physical education 〜The Collection of Child’s favorite Ideal Instructions〜
“Dekitayo! Tobibako”・”Dekitgayo! Mat-undo”・”Dekiyayo! Sakaagari”
June 2006Refresh Roller (stretch good)
~ Heart and Body Refreshment by Simple Stretching Exercise ~
October 2006DVD series of school physical education 〜The Collection of Child’s favorite Ideal Instructions〜
"Dekitayo! Kakkeko”・”Dekitayo! Ball-undo”・”Dekitayo! Suiei”
February 2007SNS site "Peecle" for pet lovers
February 2007Duke Saraie’s Walking Mouth Exercise DVD
May 2007DVD version of Dance, Create and Watch Original Dance Lesson
October 2007Pilastyle (training goods) 〜Making yourself beautiful from the core of your body〜
September 2008Amazing Flying Distance Improvement Ring Pilastyle
June 2009“CATCH THE DREAM ~ Reach Out for Your Dreams! Utsuki Sprits Can Make Softball Dreams Come True~” Softball DVD [Supervision and coaching by Taeko Utsugi]
March 2010"Beauty and Health Pilastyle Body Maintenace by Instructor Satoko" Pilastyle DVD Set