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Product Information

  • y2010/09/09z
    iPhone/iPad - We have launched the development for the Android applications!
  • y2010/08/19z
    We have renewed our website!
  • y2010/06/21z
    We will hold a seminar about an introdution to our new fund management and planning tool, "Neko Demo Dekiru Shikinguri" on July 7, 2010.
  • y2010/05/12z
    We have released SaaS Service,"Neko Demo Dekiru Shikinguri" that supports small to medium company owers to manage the company funds.
  • y2009/09/10z
    A new page "Staff Manager" is now added.
  • y2008/09/01z
    "Karada Graph", shows your health conditions graphically is now on release!
  • y2007/01/01z
    You can now visit "peecle.jp", the pet owners community site!
  • y2007/12/06z
    "Spocon Navi" site is now available for athletes to maintain a healthy diet and improve performance.