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Basic Policy of the Information Security

At the development of business activities, we protect information assets that we hold, operate and manage from loss, theft and wrongful use, and strive to ensure information security management in accordance with any of the following.

1.The compliance of the law
We always comply with the information security conform law and other regulations related to the information security.

2. The establishment of the information security management system
We appoint an Information Security Management representative and put in place the management system to assess the situation accurately and respond it promptly.

3. The protection of the information assets
We attempt to protect the information assets by recognizing the importance of the assets and implementing multilateral risk assessment and appropriate measures. We also make an effort to prevent from risk such as the loss, the destruction, the interpolation of the information and the leakage beforehand under the information securities control system.

4. The implementation of the information security education
We aim to keep every employee including the executives informed about the information securities and actively conduct educational activities for the maintenance, the improvement and the improvement of the information.

5. The regular supervision
We make an effort to conduct our operation status audit of the information security handling situation regularly and take appropriate corrective actions to maintain the information security when necessary.
Established on April 5, 2006
Itsuji Ono
RASIS Software Service Co., Ltd.