Cloud Systems Development

Business Capability Through Cloud Computing

These days, business enterprises are required to keep pace with speed and changes. The system that supports the enterprises should have the same capability. The traditional way, preparing the own hardware and software to construct the business system does not sufficiently respond to the present environment.
RASIS Software Service proposes to aggressively innovate the Cloud Computing to the business system. The Cloud Computing offers great advantages such as fast start-up of the system, easy resource adjustment only when and how much needed.
RASIS Software Service uses the cloud platforms (Windows Azure, Amazon EC2) to operate our own website.
We can promise our clients the best suited business system for them with our ability and knowledge of the cloud computing system.

RASIS Cloud Computing Solutions

The cloud computing can offer easy access to necessary resources any time. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, compatible with the cloud, as the foundation of business systems, you can move your business system into the cloud. You can also use Microsoft Online Services, the cloud groupware to organize your mail and information sharing systems without any fuss.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you can transfer all of your system to the cloud. We utilize various functions in Microsoft Windows Azure to link work with the existing systems and Amazon EC2, on the other hand, can be accomplished without changing the system so much.

RASIS Software Service has specialized knowledge and experience in the cloud platform operations such as “Shacho Gatsukau Shikinguri” built on Windows Azure and “Peecle” transferred into EC2. We can provide you the cloud deployment and operation Services, tailor to your specific needs.

Microsoft Windows Azure Solutions
Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that enables you to deploy applications and data into the cloud. The flexible platform lets you focus on solving business problems with backup, security and various other issues associated with hosting and also let you access the newest resources of the computers as many as and when needed. RASIS Software Service took notice of Windows Azure at the early stage and now has a long and good track record in the development. We can provide “non-stoppable”, “non-breakable” and “flexible" systems with our know-how of NET operation app buildings.
Amazon EC2 Solutions
Amazon EC2 can be accessible to Windows, Linux, OpenSolaris and various other operation systems. RASIS Software Service offers wide range of consultation and operation services for effective use of Amazon EC2 to meet your demands.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions
We offer Microsoft CRM products with easily view screens and high accessibility to Microsoft Office at your request. RASIS Software Service considers Dynamics CRM as the basis of the business applications, combining with Windows Azure, the system can be strong, flexible and stable.
Microsoft Online Services Solutions
The Cloud Groupware is available for 290 Japanese yen/user/mother, accessing the Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and other popular groupware servers. RASIS Software Service offers the groupware introduction services and a variety of solutions that collaborate with the business system.
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