Production Intorduction

With the motto, “Kayuitokoroni tegatodoku” (focusing on even the finest of details), RASIS Software Service develops products for everyone from private consumers to business consumers to suit their needs. All our products are being created out of advanced IT technology and the content fabrication method with our think-outside-the-box enthusiasm and challenge sprits that have been cultivated since the day of our establishment.

B to C Product Development for Private Consumers

・DVDs with video contents for school use ・Exercise and workout equipment and DVD set

The set features not only visual effects by DVD, but also the booklet included with every set will give you an instruction manual/tutorial for actual use in physical education. Each set is made up by a specialist for various sports fields. Differentiating our products for the rest, we developed our original ‘easy to use’ fitness program and ‘easy to keep up’ equipment under cooperation with a university professor and a sports instructor. The product is also elderly-friendly. It is available at a reasonable price via catalogs and TV.

・Software product containing videos targeted hobbyists

“Tennis” and “Sign language” are enjoyed by RASIS staff as their hobby. The staff suggested to make out of an original product for those who have the same interests so we put together and commercialized the idea. The products have the endorsement of Japan Tennis Association and Japanese Federation of the Deaf.

B to B Product Development for Business Consumers

・Original design production in tie-ups with corporations and associations

・Promotional video content production for corporations and local governments

We developed the DVD related products by a request from a major sport manufacturer, featuring celebrities appear on the DVD. We also provide the business support as a distribution agent using our online shopping site and distribution routes. We undertake the production of promotional video contents for local government and corporations. We customize a proposal that best suits your business budget and needs.
※We are also expert in a low-budget DVD/CD press.