iOS/Android App Development

Entrusted Development for Business Users

The growth and reach of mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone and Android is significant due to the increase of the users.
There is no doubt that they will become a global standard in near future.
The application development will be definitely carried out in various forms as well. Our expert engineers can provide high quality applications featuring GPS and Acceleration.
We can also offer you all sorts of suggestions that meet your needs through project support and consulting to cast your ideas into shape

iPad Introduction Support Service

There is an increasing demand for communication devices such as touch devices and iPade to be used on business, however,- there arose the questions of “What are they actually like?”, “Can I effectively use such devices?”, “I do not quite understand the merit or them…” and “How can I break down barriers in the early stages….”
We have a good understanding of these kind of device features and capabilities as well as experience in various presentation scenes. We are the support team, here to assist you with our fullest support from utilization methods of internal information exchange and sharing to promotion activities.

Application Development for Private Users

Besides entrusted development and introduction support services, RASIS Software Service also develops applications for private users.
Not only for business users, we introduces enjoyable applications for private users, making their various ideas real.