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The New Release of Our Own DVD "Dekitayo!" on iPad

We have released the iPad version of our popular contents, “Dekitayo!” for school teachers.
"Dekitayo!” series were created as a teaching material for PE teachers under the direction and supervision of a professional coach. We have now released iPad version of “Dekitayo!” at a more affordable price that became possible by being computerized to cut back on distribution costs. We are very proud that iPad “Dekitayo!” is now widely available not only for schools but families as well.

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Virtual Paper Fortunes - "iMoude"

Visit iMoude that tells your daily fortunes!
"Omikuji", paper fortunes are very popular in Japan. You too can enjoy the traditional fortune-telling.
The Omikuji, random fortunes written on strips of paper are found at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. Many people visit the shrines and temples enjoy drawing omikuji to find out what their future holds. This is a virtual game that you can enjoy as well.

The only luckiest person on the day can win the “Daikichi” title and make one wish to other people.
On the other hand, those who are unlucky drawing “Daikyo”, have to follow the order from the luckiest.
As there is more advice written on each fortune, you can read it through and share the advice with others to make the game more fun!!

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HanatoIro - Zen Flower Calendar -

"HanatoIro" is one of photo collection created by Mr. Manzo Niikura, a famous professional photographer in Japan amd Europe. This calendar for iPad is designed for ornamental use with 12 photos carefully selected from over 300 pieces of Mr. Niikura’s work to make the calendar suitable for the year 2011. By using the multifunctional features of iPad, you will see the beautiful flowers waving in the breeze by themselves in the photos.
All the flowers were shot in Kyoto and loved by the locals through the years.

◆"HanatoIro" features
・Unique framing with consciousness of Japanese beauty
・Japanese traditional colors in the backgrounds
・Particular preference for natural light
・Multidimensional formative arts created by the nature

These features create marvelous depth of the collection.

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