Introduction Examples

Wedding Dress Viewer

We have created an iPad application that you can see wedding costumes in catalogues of a bridal salon on iPad.
Placing the costume you like to a selected background image will make you imagine exactly what it looks like on you and feel like you are actually there in your wedding reception. This way, you can relieve your concern and effectively select the most suitable costume for you.

Select a costume and a background image.
Move the costume and adjust the size of the image.


Merit@ 〜Use iPhone/iPad for Advertisements〜

・The extensive effect
 ⇒Download the pamphlets and Bridal Viewer at App Store for free.
  Many users from all over the world have already been experienced the app.

・Advertising costs
 ⇒Only the initial costs for the development and the application are charged. There no extra charges such as the monthly advertising cost incurrd.
  The app will be semipermanently sold at AppStore.(Please do not hesitate to consult us in case that update informamtion is required)

・Reservation and purchase-starter
 ⇒By attracting the App users to your homepage
  You can expect increasing in number of hotel and fair reservations, product purchases
  and conference and party bookings.

MeritA 〜Use iPhone/iPad at Shops and Exhibitions〜

・Improvement and equalization of the customer service level
 ⇒You can improve and equalize your staff level of customer service by using iPad.

・Labor cost reduction
 ⇒When you run out of manpower at your shop and show,
  you can hand out iPad to your valuable customers so that you can convey clear images of your products to the customers.

・Cost reduction
 ⇒ Huge pile of pamphlets are no longer needed if you have iPad, you can use the device as an electronic catalog.

・Increase of avarage customer spend
 ⇒Using Bridal Viewer that provides practical visualization can accelerate purchases of your optional items.


◆Basic Package ¥500,000〜
 (10 costumes and 2 background images)

 Please consult us for a system suitable to your business.

 ・Photo processing
 ・Quotation function
 ・Questionnaire function
 ・Registration of information such as how-to-wear dresses and arts of gracious etiquette